"Megan is the ideal choreographer/collaborator. She is talented, organized, knowledgeable in countless genres of music and movement, professional, a great communicator, and a delight to be around.  My students adore her.  She is also a problem-solver.  When you hire Megan, you don’t just get a choreographer, you get a valuable partner on your production team. "

                    --Jenny Lovitt, Director Armstrong High School Theater Department

Princess Diana the Musical

Musical Theater Choreography

Megan has been choreographing for musicals for more ten years.  She's worked with casts of all sizes, ages, and ability levels.  She prides herself as being known for making non-dancers dance and helping to tell the story.  Book Megan to choreograph your full show or to come in for a Weekend Intensive in which she'll choreograph 1-3 numbers and teach them on a weekend.    

"During the warm up, I knew this was the best decision I'd made."

                           --Linda Theisen  Musical and Choir director at Plainview-                                       Elgin-Millville Schools about her school's Weekend                                                 Instensive for High School Musical.


“Megan Kelly Hubbell is an amazing collaborator and can adapt her skills to any kind of presentation large or small.   I have partnered with her in dozens of creations, as she has choreographed many productions I’ve directed, and we’ve also worked side by side as actors in various improvisational settings.   Megan can lead top-level dance troupes but is also also a patient and supportive motivator when teaching beginners.  Her choreographic ideas never ceases to amaze me; Megan Kelly-Hubbell is a font of brilliant moves!”

                     ---Michael Lee,  Actor/Director/Teacher

Musical Theater Choreography Reel

Choir Choreography

Are you looking for a way to spice up your choir concert, but the idea of making up dance moves in addition to choosing and teaching music,  AND organizing the big event is overwhelming?  Then look no further.  

Megan can create custom choreography for your choir to be taught through in-person rehearsals or via instructional video, or a combination of both! 

Edina HS Choir

"When I send Megan the music we have selected to perform, give a range of age and dancing experience for my students, she prepares choreography that works incredibly well for the students and the songs.  It is age appropriate, stylistic, imaginative and fun, with enough variety and repetition so that the students are able to learn it quickly and  sing and dance with confidence.  Thank you for making my job a great deal easier!"

--Catherine Zajac, Valley View Middle School Vocal Director

Choir Choreography Reel

5, 6, 7, 8!

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